How to become our Distributor

How to become our Distributor

Reasons to work with us:

We’re industry leaders and our products lead the industry in quality, durability, affordability, and user experience.

Qingdao Tunto Green Power is designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards. And we back that up with a robust1- 2-year warranty.

We don’t just sell products – we’re in the field to help you succeed.  Whether through customized logistical networks to support your organization, local field training, marketing materials, or reliable after-sales service, we’re here to ensure you succeed at every step.

Our research and design teams are constantly at work to advance the technology, supply chains, and design that make our products the highest performing, most affordable solar products out there.  Stay on the cutting edge with  Tunto Green Power.

Our quality, supply chain, and operations teams are here to ensure reliable fulfillment and customer support for your business and your customers.

Distributorships provide a fantastic opportunity with flexible working hours to work quite autonomously running your own business. Distributors are rewarded financially for hard work with the support of All Weather Solar supplying a proven, exciting range of products.Tunto Green Power ’s  Distributors have:

1. The desire to succeed and build on existing sales

2. Excellent communication skills

3. A passion for delivering excellent customer service

4. Sound book-keeping, invoicing, ordering and computer skills

5. A reasonable level of fitness

6. A safe and secure location to store products and display racks

7. A start-up procurement of minimum USD25,000-30,000USD.

However it can be discussed for special areas and countries.

If you are passionate about providing quality products and services and building great customer relationships we encourage you to apply.

Application for Distributorship

Personal Details

Surname:                                                   First Name:

Address:                                                     Zip Code:

Phone:                                          Mobile:                                               Email:

Are you a permanent resident of this country?                                        (circle)

Education & Experience    


Business Experience

Employment History

1.Most Recent 

Company Name:

From:                     To:                                         Length of Service:                     Type of Business:

Your Position:


Please Note: Distributorships are not employment opportunities.  Distributorships are for individuals who want to run their own 

business distributing of our products to our customers.

Desired Ability:

Level of Ability/Experience

Sales Experience:

Proven Communication Skills:

Customer Service Experience:

Book Keeping Experience:

Computer Skills:

Desired Requirements :( Ability to Provide  )          

Reasonable Fitness:

Storage Facilities:

Internet Connection:

Location Suitability:

Prior Business Owner Experience:

NOTE: The provision of referees' contact details will be taken as your Referees consent 

for All Weather Solar to contact them to perform reference checks. It is not a requirement

for you to provide referees at this stage.

Referees Name:                                        Company Name:                                                              Referees Position:


Please Note:

Distributorships are not employment opportunities. Distributorships are for individuals who want to run their own business distributing our products to your customers and we will forward the related areas inquiry to our distributors.